Chicken easy recipe strip


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  1. Vonris 2 years ago

    i can imagine

  2. Voodoomi
    Voodoomi 2 years ago

    Sunrise: 'gooddddaaaammmmit, it's 6 F'ing a.m., let me sleep!'.....'I don't want to tromp through a tick filled field, the sportsball game is on!'.......'Sunset and we haven't eaten, let's order hot wings and a pizza, did you pick up any beer?' you have such sweet romantic fantasies, I love them! but reality intrudes.

  3. Dukinos
    Dukinos 2 years ago

    Pleasure to meet you. Hope you're interested in chatting on a regular basis.

  4. Arashinos 2 years ago

    sorry disregard the posts I post earlier lol and please check your inbox

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